Stone Harbor Council Meeting Summary for November 17, 2020

Bay Marina Improvements

At its Nov. 17, 2020 Work Session, Council heard details of a $5.5 million plan to upgrade the 80th Street Marina. Under the plan, the Borough would install bathrooms, two kayak ramps, and storage areas, raise the elevation of the boat ramp, and build a pavilion suitable for outside performances. The Marina park would be landscaped, have a boardwalk and contain several shaded areas. Improvements would be handicapped accessible. Planners said they are seeking grants amounting to $2.9 million and that the balance of costs would come from the borough. The plan is still being finalized. 

Flood Warning Alarm

Members also discussed a request to relocate a flood warning alarm, which plays a recording telling people to move cars to higher ground during a flood threat. It is located at 106th Street and 3rd Avenue. Office of Emergency Management Director Jonathan LaKose said it would be unsafe to disconnect the alarm and noted that he has reduced the number of times the 10-second recording goes off from about 700 a year to about 10. Council agreed to see if another location or another warning system would be viable. 

114th Street Pump Station

At its regular session, Council resolved to seek permits and approvals from the state Department of Environmental Protection required to replace the 114th Street wastewater pump station, estimated to cost between $750,000 and $800,000.

Municipal Court Shared Services Agreement with Avalon

Council also voted to enter into a shared services agreement with Avalon for Municipal Court, saving the borough about $70,000 a year. Under the agreement, the court will be held in Avalon’s courtroom. The agreement will run for five years starting Jan. 1, 2021. 

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