As a courtesy to our SHPOA Members, we’re bringing you a summary of each Stone Harbor Work Session and Council Meeting. Intended as summaries, these intentionally don’t have a lot of details and are not a substitute for the official Borough minutes.
Work Session
Flood Rating
Councilmember Jen Gensemer reported that our federal flood Community Rating System (CRS) rate has dropped down from 7 to a more favorable rating of 5. Efforts will made to continue to drop the rating even further to provide more flood insurance savings to property owners.
Public Works
Borough Administrator Manny Parada noted that both street sweeper and beach rakes are, weather permitting, operating every day of the week. 
He said the Borough now has a full complement of staff through the summer months.
The 114th Street sanitary sewer has been completed.
Final paving of all of Third Avenue will be completed beginning after Labor Day, working from North to South. The Borough is continuing to check 98th Street in the 200 block for possible flooding during high tides. 
Parada and Marc DeBlasio, the borough engineer, are preparing reports for the state on the required low- to moderate-income housing project. They are also working to get biddable plans for razing the building and other renovations which may cost around $500,000.
Parada reminded everyone that the next bulk trash collection will be September 13th and asked that no bulk trash be put out or taken to the borough trash collection area.
New CFO and Retiring Tax Collector
Cynthia Lindsay, Chief Financial Officer, introduced herself and stated that she is reviewing the Borough’s policies and procedures. 
She congratulated Deborah Candelore on her coming retirement after 26 years as the Borough’s tax collector. This was recognized by the audience by a standing ovation.
Water Bills
Councilmember Robin Casper explained that the water bills were late due to software issues. The extended due date is June 30th. She also reported that the museum is now open 9AM to 12PM Monday through Saturday. 
A new design and vendor has been selected for the reconstruction of the 97th Street playground. Plans were submitted to the county for a grant. Given the normal process time to receive a grant, the reconstruction work would probably not be completed until the end of the season. 
Regular Council Meeting
Council approved two ordinances:
•Ordinance #1667 adds a parking lot to the lots available for permit holders and limits the number of permits to be sold to 225. 
•Ordinance #1668 states that when any lot is located in two zoning districts (residential and commercial) the regulations of the more restrictive distinction shall apply. 
The business district does not allow any new solely residential uses. Both of the ordinances will take effect after final adoption and publication. 
After a closed session, Mayor Judith Davies-Dunhour announced the appointment of Rob Williams to the dual role of Tax Collector and Deputy Chief Financial Officer. This was voted on by Council and approved. 
Public Comment
During the public comment period, Bob Ross announced that he has filed the required paperwork to enable him to run for mayor as an independent in the upcoming election. 
Geoff Woolery urged Council to realize and support the value of the small commercial areas, outside of the business district. These areas should remain commercial to maintain the quality of life in the town and should not be allowed to become residential, he said. 
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