As a courtesy to our SHPOA Members, we’re bringing you a summary of each Stone Harbor Work Session and Council Meeting. Intended as summaries, these intentionally don’t have a lot of details and are not a substitute for the official Borough minutes.
Work Session
Recreation and Tourism:
An interim deputy director and fee changes
The Borough hired Justin Ricciardi as an interim assistant recreation director.
There is a fee schedule change for some recreational activities. According to the Borough website, fees can be found here ( The price hike for a Pickleball membership pass is $250, more than triple last year’s $80 fee. The tennis membership is $150. A lengthy discussion regarding the Pickleball membership increase ensued with some Council members questioning the need or justification of the increase. 
For equity in the ability to participate in the younger sports and craft group programs, and not to have some children ‘blocked out’ from participating, Ricciardi introduced a system for families to register children in summer youth programs with sign-ups only available on a weekly basis vs. the ability in the past to enroll for one camp all summer. 
Projects Around Town Nearing Completion
Marc DeBlasio, Borough Engineer, reported on several projects nearing completion before the summer season:
•All roads in the 2020-2021 road program will be paved by Memorial Day, with the 110th Street paving completed the second week in June.
•Work on the SH Beach Patrol building is progressing for a TCO for the second week of June. The delay is due to material supply issues.
•3rd Ave utility work for the sewer emergency repair has been completed with paving scheduled for the end of May.
•96th Street emergency lighting repair is scheduled for May 16th, with work lasting one week.
Public Works: Trash Removal 
After receiving community feedback, the concierge trash removal service will still be provided to Stone Harbor residents with two caveats: Workers will not open a gate to collect trash if a dog or pet is present in that enclosed area; nor will they open a gate that leads to an enclosed pool area. Homeowners with those scenarios are asked to place their trash outside those gated areas on trash day.
By May 1, 2023, homeowners are required to use ANSI Z245.60 -2008 Type B plastic trash receptacles with suitable handles and wheels, a metal bar, and a tight-fitting lid. The trash receptacle must be at least 32 gallons, with a maximum of 96 gallons.
Funds have been approved to purchase 16 tipper truck attachments, at a total cost of $123,000, to streamline trash collections and safety for the short-staffed Public Works Department.
Starting immediately on a daily basis, SH Public Works will provide a manned trash collection area at the 80th Street municipal lot by the bay. There will be a one-way on 80th Street, and 81st Street will be the exit.
Council President Reese Moore provided an update requested by SHPOA on the progress of Stone Harbor Budget Studies:
1) The Borough has completed a revised budget process which includes a timeline.
2) Implemented an increase in the Beach Tag fees to pay for the Beach Taggers and Beach Patrol costs. 
3) Compiled a competitive salary and wages information from the NJ Department of Labor neighboring municipalities. Completing a 5-year budget plan, and 10-year priority one capital plan. 
4) Completed comparison of an outsourcing curb to curb vs full-service in-house Trash collections. Stone Harbor residents pay 2X’s more to have the concierge trash service.
5) Continue to review potential sources of revenue which include: FEMA, ADA, State and Federal grants included in the I Bank, and the sale of the Borough assets. 
6) Continue to review and discuss capital priorities, opportunities, and risks.   
SHPOA met with the members of the Borough Council to work on a 5-year budget analysis which has been completed and sent to SHPOA members.  
Council Meeting
Public Comment:
One resident addressed the Borough Council to strongly consider them not using the 112th Street property owned by the Borough for public bathrooms and parking.  The opposition was to location, the actual building, maintenance, and accessibility. The 122nd Street lot location was suggested as a better option since there is space for construction and parking. 
The May 2nd, 6 p.m. Zoning Board Meeting was postponed until Monday, May 16th, at 5 p.m. for anyone wishing to watch the Zoom meeting or be in person. 
Resolutions Adopted: 
2022-S-86. Flood Mitigation Plan and Storm Sewer Master Plan. (Presented at the April 5th, 2022 Meeting)
2022-S-87- Protected Beaches will be on the following streets: 81st, 83rd, 86th,87th,90th, 93rd,94th, 95th, 96yh, 100th, 102nd, 103rd, 105th, 108th, 110th, 112th, 113th, 116th, 117th, 120th, 122nd. Beaches may need to be moved 1/2 block if the Life Guard Captain found necessary. 
Rafts and Body Boards are NOT permitted on 81st, 86th, 110th, 112th, or 122nd streets.
Surfboards with leashes attached will only be permitted for use at the 81st and 110th Street Beaches. Stand Up Paddle Boards with a leash are permitted for use only at 81st street beach. Kayaks and Registered Catamarans will be permitted at 122th -126 while using lifejackets. 
Solid waste Summer seasonal workers may — with permission of the supervisor — leave work when their job is completed, and receive full pay.
Three new part-time firefighters have been hired, effective May 20th to September 9, 2022. 
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