As a courtesy to our SHPOA Members, we’re bringing you this summary of the Stone Harbor Council Meeting on May 18, 2021.

Council Approved SHPOA June 12, 2021 Meeting at 80th Street Rec Center

Council granted SHPOA use of 80th Street Recreation Center for their June 12, 2021, Spring Members Meeting which begins at 9:00 am.
Cannabis Legislation Public Comments
Two citizens impacted by the Council’s cannabis delivery guidelines in Ordinance 1587 asked Stone Harbor Council to reconsider. The concern is for an individual who needs medical cannabis delivered and is unable to drive off-island to obtain a prescription. The ordinance, as written, states that deliveries may only be made by vehicles owned by state-licensed distributors, driven by their employees. Distributors must also be licensed by Stone Harbor.
News at the Point: Protected Birds Thriving
Two pair of Piping plovers, twenty-five pair of American Oyster Catchers are laying, nesting, and incubating. Nine nests were lost to predation and weather. Plans are coordinated with DEP to eliminate predators to protect wildlife by the most humane means possible.
Resolutions Adoptions
Resolution 2021-S-122: updated Kim Stevenson as the Stone Harbor agent for the Sustainable New Jersey Municipal Certification. 
Resolution 2021-S-125: Council approved a professional service contract for Triad Associates to act as a consultant to the Borough and be the administrative agent for the Fair Housing and Uniform Affordable  Housing Control Regulations.

Life Guard/Beach Tag Update
The lifeguards are ready and the beaches will be open on Saturday, May 29th. The Borough hired 15 beach taggers. Five are experienced while ten are new at the job.
Plans for the new lifeguard building – estimated to cost $2.3 million — will be going out to bid in early June. Drafts were modified to reduce square footage and cost without compromising useful space. Construction is expected to begin this fall.
Fireboat Assist
SHFD responded to a challenging fire at Otton’s Harbor Marina in Wildwood. Stone Harbor’s newly obtained Fire Boat responded to the call and was used effectively. This boat had been used over this past year to assist in emergencies but had yet to be used as a true fireboat.
Police Review Handicapped Parking
Police have reviewed ordinances and updated/added various handicapped parking spaces between 80th and 83rd street. Stone Harbor police staff have all been hired and a full staff will be in place by early June.
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