As a courtesy to our SHPOA Members, we’re bringing you this summary of the Stone Harbor Work Session and Council Meeting on July 20, 2021.

Fatal Bicycle Accident, Stepped up Police Presence
At the July 20, 2021, Stone Harbor Borough Council work session, Police Chief Thomas Schutta reported that there was a fatal bicycle accident on July 17 near 87th  Street and 1st Avenue. 

The preliminary investigation has shown that an 18-year-old from Blue Bell, PA was driving a Jeep Cherokee on 1st Avenue while a 50-year-old Wilmington, DE woman, riding a bike, was traveling on 87th. The two collided. The Wilmington woman died. The police and Cape May prosecutor’s office are continuing to investigate. 
The police account can be found here:

Chief Schutta said police with whistles would be posted at the intersection of 96th Street and 3rd Avenue to deal with the increased traffic there.
Courts and a Lane
After 17 property owners spoke for or against a new zoning ordinance which would allow bungalow owners on Bower, Stone, and Weber courts as well as Linden Lane to add a second story to their homes, the Borough Council introduced an ordinance at its regular meeting allowing the increase in building heights. The vote was 3-3 with Mayor Judith Davies-Dunhour breaking the tie. The ordinance is scheduled for a hearing next month.
The council introduced an ordinance setting guidelines for installation of 5G hardware. For the most part, the technology will be mounted on existing utility poles. Only if a carrier proves that existing poles are inadequate, can it erect a new pole. That permission would go through a rigorous review by the Borough.

Cell phone carriers are installing 5G tech to handle the increasing volume of wireless applications.  5G will also allow cell companies to speed up and increase the capacity of their systems.

Final approval was scheduled for next month.
LifeGuard HQ
The Council awarded a $2.8 million contract to Aliano Brothers, of Vineland, to build a new lifeguard station. This was above an earlier estimate of $2.3 million. Construction is expected to commence after the summer season.
Beach Fill
Stone Harbor Property Owners Association (SHPOA) trustee Geoff Woolery, of the Sustainability Committee, encouraged Council to begin preparations for the next beach fill operation. He also pledged the organization’s assistance.
Council passed a resolution allowing jitneys to operate in the Borough. The administration will set rates and dates of operation.
Council gave final approval to $9.2 million in bonds which would pay for several items including a pump station at 93rd Street, upgrades to pipes, land in Middle Township for public works buildings, and a street sweeper.

They also gave final approval to $6.7 million in bonds to reconstruct sanitary sewers around 3rd Avenue, upgrade infrastructure on some streets between 99th and 108th, and build a new lift station and force main near 114th Street as well as other items. 
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