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STONE HARBOR WATER SUPPLY ~ QUALITY, CONSERVATION, SUSTAINABILITY Prepared for the Stone Harbor Property Owners Association - June 9, 2018   Have you ever wondered where the Stone Harbor water you drink, shower, and water your plants with comes from? Are our water supply and the quality we need sustainable for the long term? Do [...]


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2019 SHPOA Members September 14th, 2019 Fall Members Meeting Harbor Square Theater 8 am  Social            9 am  Meeting Questions?

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Beach & Bay

Beach & Bay   Review of 2016/2107 Stone Harbor Dredging Operation The Stone Harbor Property Owners Association (SHPOA) Beach and Bay Committee’s Annual Work Plan identified the need to have a report, which would review the successes and lessons learned from the recently completed Bay Dredging Project. The report was presented to the Borough December [...]

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Stone Harbor/Avalon Beach Fill Update – February 2, 2017

  Officials from Avalon and Stone Harbor attended the weekly progress meeting for the upcoming beach fill project at the Stone Harbor Firehouse on Thursday, February 2nd.   In attendance from Stone Harbor were Council President Karen Lane, Council members Joselyn Rich and Ray Parzych, Business Administrator Jill Gougher, Public Works Director Grant Russ, and Engineer [...]