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Saturday October 26th, 2019 SHPOA (the Stone Harbor Property Association) joined Clean Ocean Action, the Borough of Stone Harbor and The Wetlands Institute helping with the 2019 Fall Beach Sweep.
Turn out was great and the weather cooperated as well. The entire stretch of Stone Harbor was covered with single participants and groups. This is one a the few times that you are actually allowed to walk in the dunes. As you can se by the pictures everyone had a great time working for a great cause.
We had great weather yesterday for the Stone Harbor Beach Sweep.  
Over 50 volunteers worked in 32 teams to cover every beach and dune section with at least 1 team covering all sections (80th to the Point).  Two team covered 26 streets;  including the higher traffic 93rd to 101st section.
We ran out of data sheets (had 30).  We will be sure to request 45 for the Spring sweep.
We had about the same level of trash and debris as the Spring 2019 Sweep.  
We signed 5 volunteer forms
SHPOA trustees Paul Grady, Scott Jarden and Jim Seif provided great help in working with volunteers as well as finding trash in and around the Patrol Station dune area.