We are pleased to provide the SHPOA Project of the Year for 2020, a brochure entitled “Sustainable Landscaping for Stone Harbor”. This is available for your convenience on the SHPOA website in a convenient “Flip-Book” format. You may access the brochure online here or download a PDF of the brochure here.

This follows the theme of SHPOA’s last five projects, which have invested over $35,000 cumulatively on sustainability of our island.  As we combat the impact of rising sea levels, volatile weather patterns and the sinking of seven mile island, SHPOA projects such as this brochure and last year’s demonstration rain garden at 95th  Street and 2nd Avenue help educate all of us on action we need to take to reduce water consumption and runoff from our properties, and install landscapes with native sustainable plantings.

Increased water use is contributing to the rate at which our island is sinking. Runoff from our properties is a major contributor to flooding. This brochure is intended to help guide each of us on what we can do to take charge of our properties and reduce the impact we are having upon water use and flooding.

Copies of this brochure have been provided to the landscapers which service Stone Harbor; please ask yours to follow these recommendations.  Sustainability for Stone Harbor is based on the four major legs of our program—Beach Sand Replacement, Bay Dredging, Flooding and Runoff Reduction, and Water Conservation. We must focus urgently on actions each of us can take as partners with the Borough in protecting our homes and the quality of life for Stone Harbor.  It is time for each of us to act.