Each year SHPOA picks single or multiple initiatives around Stone Harbor to focus on. Listed below are some of the key accomplishments over the years

2022 – SHPOA has completed the installation of two web cameras on the SH Beach Patrol HQ and a weather station. Both are open to the public at this link- Click here







2021 – SHPOA funded the safety bicycle signs installed on 2nd avenue and increased the contribution to the artificial grass demonstration. SHPOA also funded the re-painting of the Stone Harbor entrance signs, whose initial installation was also covered.

2020 – SHPOA funded the installation of bicycle racks at the beach end of selective streets, printed an indigenous plant brochure, and paid for a portion of the artificial grass demonstration project at borough hall.  The focus of this year was a continuation of sustainability and a focus on safety.

2019 – Funding was supplied to replant the native plantings we planted as part of the 2016 POY.

2018 – SHPOA created a demonstration rain garden on 95th St. The focus is sustainability and drought-resistant plantings.

2017 – Real-time monitoring of flood events in Stone Harbor, In a cooperative effort with Stockton University CRC, Stone Harbor, and SHPOA, water level sensors were installed in flood-prone areas of Stone Harbor.

2016 – SHPOA  worked with the Borough to identify where more efficient irrigation equipment and water tolerant plantings can be tested, evaluated, and, when warranted, applied to reduce water usage for irrigation. One of the objectives of the Project is to educate island homeowners about what is available to reduce their water consumption. SHPOA also funded the creation of the “Stone Harbor” signs as you enter town from the south, north, and east.