2017 – Real Time Monitoring of Flood Event in Stone Harbor

  • Cooperative effort with Stockton University CRC, Stone Harbor and SHPOA
  • Water level sensors installed in flood prone areas of Stone Harbor
  • Flooding events correlated with rainfall, tides, and waves
  • Borough developing a Flood Management Plan (FMP)
  • FMP will direct multi-million dollar future investment to reduce and eliminate flooding of streets, residents, and businesses
  • FMP is long term in scope (10 – 25 years) and will be updated and adapted to changing condition
  • Avalon has already started the monitoring
  • SHPOA will invest $5,000 – $7,000 to match Borough funding

2016 – Water Conservation

The SHPOA Project of the Year is program to work with the Borough to identify where more efficient irrigation equipment and water tolerant plantings can be tested, evaluated, and when warranted, applied to reduce water usage for irrigation.

The SHPOA at its August 2016 Trustee meeting authorized up to $7,000 for its Project of the Year. The Borough of Stone Harbor is the largest single user of water within the Borough. Their use is primarily for irrigation of landscaping for the various parks, median islands and recreation facilities. Innovative methods are available to update current systems to deliver and control how irrigation water is applied. This can include use of different grasses and ornamentals which use less water, trying water monitoring equipment such as soil moisture probes, use of Smart Irrigation controllers, use of more efficient sprinkler and drip irrigation, re-piping irrigation zones, adding meters to measure the amount of water used and other techniques as identified. One of the projects under evaluation is to apply these methods to 96th Street Pump House grounds, garden and sitting area. Additional critical areas for irrigation improvement will be identified and pursued.

One of the objectives of the Project is to educate island homeowners of what is available to reduce their water consumption. Outside water use by homeowners is the largest single category of water used during the summer season when 75% of the total annual water use is delivered.

Homeowners can observe and learn about the innovative techniques employed by the Borough under this SHPOA funded program. This will keep the issue of the need for all users to conserve water on the front burner and provide new tools homeowners can apply to reduce their water consumption. Stone Harbor can no longer afford to overwater its landscaping, water the sidewalks and streets while we over pump our groundwater basin and contribute to risk factors for sustainability of our island. Help us by watching what the SHPOA and the Borough do as partners in this Project and apply our successes at your homes.