History, Activities & Accomplishments


The Realty Owners Association of Stone Harbor (ROA) began at 10:30 A.M., August 30, 1952 with an organizational meeting attended by 125 property owners in the Park Theater, now no longer standing.  At this meeting, a draft of the by-laws was approved in which the objective, function and purpose of the Association shall be “to inform the membership on matters of importance to them as property owners in Stone Harbor” and “to advise and consult with Borough officials about matters of concern to the membership.” In 1955, Mr. Harry Letsche, was hired as the first Executive Secretary.  He is credited as the prime mover behind the early successes of the organization.  In 1959, the very essence of the ROA was voiced – “To keep Stone Harbor a family town and a wholesome and safe resort for our children“.  In June of 2013 the membership voted to change the name of the organization to the Stone Harbor Property Owners Association(SHPOA).

What SHPOA Does

  • Addresses Borough Council in support of any number of key issues, such as the creation of a waterfront park and establishment of a preservation commission.
  • Conducts polls and surveys of its members to better understand their concerns and opinions on critical issues and presents the results to Borough Council.
  • Frequently attends Borough Council meetings, and distributes notes or links to published notes about these meetings.
  • Distributes American Flags on Memorial Day and contributes to American Legion Post 331’s Memorial Day activities.
  • Participates in the Borough Christmas Parade.
  • Active participant in Stone Harbor Chamber of Commerce events, such as the Barbeque and Blues Festival, Music at the Watertower and Savor September Day.
  • Has presented school civic awards and scholarships to the Wetlands Institute for summer study.

What SHPOA Has Done

2017   Presented comments to the Borough on Draft Flood Mitigation Plan

2016  Provide SHPOA members with an analysis of the Borough’s budget

2016  Designed and planted the garden at Waterwork Tower (96th St and 2nd Ave) demonstrating the use of native plants and improved irrigation techniques.

2016  Sponsored “Meet the Candidates” to give members an opportunity to hear from the local candidates running for Mayor and Council positions in the upcoming November elections.

2015  Established a Facebook page to provide members timely information on events and activities affecting Stone Harbor.

2015  Jaws of Life Donation to Stone Harbor Fire Department

2014  Entrance Signs to Stone Harbor

2014  SHPOA was responsible for the design and publication of Stone Harbor’s 100th Anniversary Commemorative Book.  Purchased new signs at the entrances to Stone Harbor.

2011  Published an eight-panel brochure to explain the Association’s purpose,