Prepared for the Stone Harbor Property Owners Association – June 9, 2018


  • Have you ever wondered where the Stone Harbor water you drink, shower, and water your plants with comes from?
  • Are our water supply and the quality we need sustainable for the long term?
  • Do rising oceans, land subsidence, and seawater intrusion affect our supply?
  • Are we conserving water and making sure our use is efficient?


These questions were posed by SHPOA to a hired researcher that resulted in a “white paper” to be used to educate, inform, and give the residents of Stone Harbor “food for thought”. The paper is posted on our website. It concludes that, like most of coastal New Jersey, our supply relies on groundwater. Over pumping of the groundwater is causing the ground levels to sink, called subsidence. This, married with rising ocean levels, is a significant sustainability concern for our island.

The Atlantic City 800 is our groundwater basin and its shared by numerous cities’, towns, boroughs, and unincorporated areas. The groundwater levels are depressed and these depressed levels extend from Atlantic City to below Stone Harbor and five miles out to sea and even further inland. The “white paper” makes recommendations on how Stone Harbor can join with other users of the AC 800 and protect our future. It demonstrates the need for all of us to conserve water. Since most of Stone Harbor’s water use is outside the home for our gardens and landscaping, we, as homeowners, have great discretion in planting native plants, stop overwatering lawns, replacing lawns with alternative landscaping. The Borough is the single largest water user and needs to lead the way. The “white paper” on water supply and conservation is one of four legs in SHPOA’s Sustainability “stool”. It is a call to action for us, as water users. Please inform yourself and discuss with your family, neighbors, and friends on how you can assist in this important effort.

SHPOA has shared this paper with the borough that appreciates the association’s efforts to educate its members and the community at large regarding water conservation. We will continue our dialogue with the mayor and council to develop future strategies that will benefit this important conservation project.

Note from the President of SHPOA: Please do not be discouraged by the paper’s length. It is a worthy “read” and worth your attention



Table of Contents

  • Introduction                                                                                                     
  • Executive Summary                                                                                        
  • Ground water, A Finite Resource                                                                
  • The Atlantic City 800 Foot Sand                                                                 
  • Conservation Techn