President’s Message

Sixty-five years ago, a group of Stone Harbor citizens realized the need for a group to represent all of the property owners and monitor the various arms of the Borough government. Since that beginning, members have attended Borough Council meetings, Zoning Board sessions, and Planning Board meetings to present your views. An elected Board of Trustees has spoken for the entire membership in an effort to keep Stone Harbor–“The Seashore at Its Best!

Membership in the SHPOA entitles you to:

  • Attend general membership meeting held twice a year where members are given an opportunity to hear first hand about Stone Harbor and voice their concerns and views.
  • Attend informational meetings in an election year featuring candidates for borough offices.
  • Participate in the surveys SHPOA conducts giving you an opportunity to voice your opinions and concerns.
  • Receive SHPOA timely email Blasts informing you of the issues, events and activities impacting Stone Harbor.
  • Receive SHPOA information concerning the issues being considered by the governing bodies of the borough and the stand or response your SHPOA has taken.

The trustees act on your behalf as your eyes, ears and voice when you are unable to be in Stone Harbor. As a member, you are urged to contact the trustees with your questions or opinions. The trustees meet monthly to do business in your behalf.


Bob Charamella
Stone Harbor Property Owners Association


What We Do

  • Addresses Borough Council in support of any number of key issues, such as the creation of a waterfront park and establishment of a preservation commission.
  • Conducts polls and surveys of its members to better understand their concerns and opinions on critical issues and presents the results to Borough Council.
  • Frequently attends Borough Council meetings, and distributes notes or links to published notes about these meetings.
  • Distributes American Flags on Memorial Day and contributes to American Legion Post 331’s Memorial Day activities.
  • Participates in the Borough Christmas Parade.
  • Active participant in Stone Harbor Chamber of Commerce events, such as the Barbeque and Blues Festival, Music at the Watertower and Savor September Day.
  • Has presented school civic awards and scholarships to the Wetlands Institute for summer study.